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Lorde  - Team Lyric Video
Download Lagu Lorde - Team Lyric Video Mp3 Berdurasi 3 menit 16 detik dengan kualitas audio 320kbps. telah dilihat sebanyak 17,903,163 dan diupload oleh Lorde Fan.

Komentar Lagu We Live In Cities

YULISSA URENA 3 jam yang lalu
i'm just thinking about if i was at a party and this was playing and everyone was having fun i would have just been depressed in the back because of the memories😭🙁🙄😢
Janer Piña Galvan 4 jam yang lalu
Who are here for the channel no 5 advertisement?
Mariam Imerlishvili 6 jam yang lalu
I can't even tell what this song makes me feel like. IT'S JUST AMAZING. (still listening in 2020😂💘)
Sad Potato- 7 jam yang lalu
Am I the only one that got here from gacha memes?
Havah Wylie 9 jam yang lalu
Gen z song I love this song so much ❤
Jad Terfas 10 jam yang lalu
Ima only hearing 1:05
Candy 11 jam yang lalu
I've had the lyrics stuck in my head for 5 years. Now I finally found it.
lucky hania 22 jam yang lalu
Thiw song feels so strangw not happy not sad or stuff but cool
Moonstar 58 22 jam yang lalu
2:31 (just reminder for myself)
Zeebo Games 937 1 hari lalu
Millennial theme song
Ruben Amador 1 hari lalu
Who's here because Chanel no5 ad?
HannahGachaGurl 1 hari lalu
My favorite line is "But it wasn't my fault" because I'm the youngest sibling :)
TGIF TGIF 1 hari lalu
Anyone else hear this song in a commercial and want to hear the whole thing?
A Random Cosplay Mess 1 hari lalu
I still listen to this song to this day, I love it, 7 years hasn't changed anything
Sam Lol 1 hari lalu
I only listen to this song cause it reminds me of when I was 7
Lexie_Plays 1 hari lalu
0:57 thank me later ;)
prideful bitch 1 hari lalu
Who else is from year 3000?
George Hall 1 hari lalu
I listened this as a kid listen to this reminded me of all my holidays as a kid all those memories i forgot
Annaliese Perez 1 hari lalu
I love this song 😍
•coco boba milk• 1 hari lalu
Me being here from gacha memes 👁👄👁