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Hope 빛  Lets Kcon Together With Your Light Kcontact Season 2
Download Lagu Hope 빛 Lets Kcon Together With Your Light Kcontact Season 2 Mp3 Berdurasi 5 menit 51 detik dengan kualitas audio 320kbps. telah dilihat sebanyak 59,848 dan diupload oleh Mnet K-pop.

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지정현 5 jam yang lalu
2분36초 남자분 누군가요 ㅠㅠ
YUN PARK 1 hari lalu
MY DAY 💚 DAY6 0:29 2:58 5:11
Puteri Alya 1 hari lalu
3:39 park woojin!!!!!
blue rose 2 hari yang lalu
가면염강 3 hari yang lalu
요즘같이 힘든 시기에 이 명곡을 불러주신 아이즈원 누나들은 물론이고,함께하신 모든 아이돌들에게 진심으로 감사합니다.그리고 모두의 소원인,코로나 19가 종식되기를 다시 한 번 기도합니다.
amiraHanisa xoxo 3 hari yang lalu
Enrique Bolaños 1 minggu lalu
A Beautiful Miracle 1 minggu lalu
Wanna One : 1.DaNiel ❌ 2.JiHoon ✔️ 3.DaeHwi ✔️ 4.JaeHwan ✔️ 5.SeongWoo ❌ 6.WooJin ✔️ 7.GuanLin ❌ 8.JiSung ❌ 9.MinHyun ❌ 10.JinYoung ❌ 11.SungWoon ✔️ I'm sad because not all Wanna One members came to the KCON:TACT season 2 (2020) event and performed together on stage. I miss them. I as Wannable will keep waiting for them. I Promise U
Cravity You Indo 1 minggu lalu
WEi, Moodz, May, Toogether (つ≧▽≦)つ
SM Channel 1 minggu lalu
If you're multifandom with WIZ*ONE, please vote IZ*ONE in this year Because, maybe this year the last chance of IZ*ONE to win or attend MAMA Sorry for my bad english Pleaseee.... vote IZ*ONE everyday with all yours account and all account of your family, like me :)
nora 2 minggu yang lalu
Kelzara Linski 2 minggu yang lalu
I got so emotional. This song really says the truth. The message is so deep. It hits so hard. Idols are humans like us but they go through so much. They sacrifice their lives for their fans. They really do. But there will always be hate towards a certain artist. They don't deserve that after working so hard for us. I feel so bad and it breaks my heart, and sometimes even makes me cry when I see hate comments towards artists even if I don't stan them. It's just sad that this world is a very cruel place to live in but we must overcome it all and come together, to make our idols shine, so that we could all shine together, and come together as one, hold onto each other hand's, while putting trust in each other, and creating a beautiful family... to spread love to this world. It's so beautiful how *Music Makes One.* It's beautiful how music can bring us together to make us shine. That's just so beautiful. I'm so proud of all the artists who've worked so hard. They never give up. And so shouldn't we. Let's continue love and support our artists, and come together, and spread the light, and spread love to the world that is filled with darkness ♡
황수라 2 minggu yang lalu
I've waited for jaehwan's part, but it's a pity the camera actually shots some random angle :( windeu disappointed :(
: D 2 minggu yang lalu
내가 보려고 단 댓 3:31
Puguin Squatch 2 minggu yang lalu
0:31 mydayyyyyy 😭❤️ Some day6 scenes for mydays: 1:31 1:54 2:58 4:50 5:11
Dream10tion 2 minggu yang lalu
Jinhyuk: To my fan Wooseok: To my Nia Honey10 seeing this be like: 👁💧👄💧👁
Andrea Ante 2 minggu yang lalu
*IZ*ONE let them stay together let them permanent coz the deserves it*
Irene S 3 minggu yang lalu
❤The Boyz❤ 1:17 1:32 1:53 2:07 3:00 3:07 Sangyeon💓 Jacob💓 Younghoon💓 Hyunjae💓 Juyeon💓 Kevin💓 New💓 Q💓 Juhaknyeon💓 Sunwoo💓 Eric💓
8122 Allisa Fadya C 3 minggu yang lalu
day6 youngk 5:11
8122 Allisa Fadya C 3 minggu yang lalu
nunggu day6 nyanyi eh diakhir teryata mana part nya gk dizoom lagu huaaa gk papa seneng gw