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History Of Indonesia In 12 Minutes
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Rasya Harliananda 7 jam yang lalu
u kinda got it right but u couldve added more details
My Life 13 jam yang lalu
Sumatera dan Kalimantan aslinya milik Malaysia tapi telah dimaling indoe
AndiAqmar 15 jam yang lalu
Indonesia colonised by the Dutch more then 300 year Indonesian : can't speak dutch Other country : O_o
anak game 16 jam yang lalu
Troy Krentz 1 hari lalu
Only from 400 BC? Yet we find the trace of "Kapur Barus" in ancient egyptian's mummy. 😉 as an Indonesian i have a theory that our civilization was among the oldest in the world but due to constant natural disasters like volcano eruption, earthquake, & tsunami they were lost without a trace.
Nemo Po 1 hari lalu
Aceh was never colonized by the Dutch, the kingdom fell when the Dutch captured the Sultan in 1904, but the Sultan never gave up his territory, so the war was continuing in the hands of Muslim clerics and regional nobles...and the Dutch was successful OCCUPIED most of Aceh's territory... So, there was no colonazisation at all.. You can't put Aceh Sultanate as the same level with other kingdoms in the archipelago, since it was the only territory that was able to stand against the Dutch...even now they have their own administration...
Izzuddin Nawawi 2 hari yang lalu
Salam from Malaysia 🇲🇾
Samuel henk 2 hari yang lalu
This is the best map explaination. Accurate 100%.. majapahit never controled west java, also portuguese teritory in makassar, flores and timor
ha 1993 2 hari yang lalu
Indonesia is my big country
Restu audio 2 hari yang lalu
Indonesia is 26 country empire !! religius Islam,Hindu,Kristen ortodox,Budha, 😂😂 Why EU monopoli hystory,Colonial, but, Do not one country in the world cant win, but, EU fox. This country is individual magic, & real danger, no fuck.
Bobu Bob 2 hari yang lalu
regenerate foreskin
gadis bali 3 hari yang lalu
Re Jaya 3 hari yang lalu
I am the first Sundanese kingdom of the island of Java Tarumanagara , Until the kingdom Galuh and Sunda
Ernest Jay 3 hari yang lalu
Why modern Indonesian speak Bahasa Indonesia and not Dutch ? why they keep being Muslim instead of Christianized like many African Nations that formerly a British, France, Belgium, or German colonies ? Because Dutch didn't really care about indigenous people, indigenous people can practice their local language, practice their own religion, Dutch only care about spices and cheap labor, while other european colonizer also bring christian missionaries and teach indigenous people their language, that's why so many african and south american nations speaks french, spanish, or english as their lingua franca.
Obrolan Toxic 4 hari yang lalu
Indonesia have a unique history because after declaration of Independence in 1945 many monarchs support the republic established but Unfortunately many of them was executed by Communist people especially in Sumatra and Borneo or Kalimantan island (sorry terrible english)
ーRoka 4 hari yang lalu
Unity in Diversity
moltitrader 5 hari yang lalu
Too many adverts 👎
Fernando Zakky 5 hari yang lalu
You know the Indonesian leader who is stupid for now
unzil ch 5 hari yang lalu